The Uncanny Valley


Our Music

The Uncanny Valley is a psychedelic partnership between Adrian Sullivan, Matt Ferlaino, Dylan Turner & Brenden Bertrand. Started by Matt & Adrian back in 2018, the two bonded over the love of hard hitting rock and roll with the atmospheric pulse of psychedelic music. Adding Dylan to the mix made the foundation solid. When Brenden came along last he enhanced the vision and served as the perfect missing piece to the uncanny puzzle.

Adrian is the main vocalist, rhythm guitar player and keyboard player. Matt plays lead guitar, rhythm guitar and backup vocals. Dylan keeps time on the drums and adds backup vocals to the mix. Brenden ties it all together on the bass as well as the backup vocals.

Check Us Out

Currently we are recording our debut album which has been in the works for some years now. The best way to keep up with what we are doing is to check us out on our social media pages below. We also are featured in an interview over at The Psychedelic Baby Mag where we talk about our involvement in the Clusterfolk project.

Meet The Band

Adrian Sullivan

Lead Singer & Rhythm Guitar/Keyboard

Matt Ferlaino

Lead/Rhythm Guitar & Backup Vocals

Dylan Turner

Percussion & Backup Vocals

Brenden Betrand

Bass Guitar & Backup Vocals