Reduce complexity and costs with one platform

Reduce complexity and costs with one platform

Dispersed teams. Increasing security risk. Economic uncertainty. With business today constantly evolving, organizations are feeling more pressure than ever to reduce complexity and drive down costs across the business. That means IT leaders are reevaluating all the apps their teams use and optimizing for efficiency — in other words, they’re looking for ways to simplify their tech stacks.

Given that organizations use an average of 187 applications, optimizing for efficiency and spend can be tough. There’s a huge market for individual point solutions, but they dramatically decrease user productivity and come with high costs. And application overload is just one challenge — legacy technology presents a bunch of others. These legacy solutions depreciate, are complex for users, are often costly to maintain (including the cost of labor), and can require expensive upgrades. And, with increasing innovation across cloud-based apps, legacy technologies are duplicative with best-of-breed tools.

Take this example: Users working on critical business processes like contract management or employee onboarding are required to switch from application to application — one tool for creating content, workflow, e-signature, and another to store completed files. IT administrators must manage all these apps across the fragmented workflow. This adds complexity and cost — and leaves content vulnerable. With rising cybersecurity threats and complicated compliance requirements, securing content is more important than ever before.

That’s where the Content Cloud comes in.

At Box, we’re focused on simplifying the way you work, and that goal has never been more relevant. We help you consolidate file storage and sharing, content management, collaboration, and e-signature tools onto a single, secure, easy-to-use platform that simplifies how you work while helping you spend less.

Here’s how:

A single platform approach

From campaign assets in Marketing to budget spreadsheets in Finance, the Content Cloud enables every team in your organization to securely store, manage, and share all your content from one place. We make it easy to ditch your file servers, content management solutions, and file sharing tools and centralize your most valuable content on Box.

Plus, you can move content to Box faster and more affordably with Box Shuttle — which migrates content from more than 15 source systems and maintains the surrounding data, like permissions, metadata, and version history.

Let’s explore a real-world example from Bloomberg: Prasad Ramakrishnan, Chief Information Officer at Freshworks, once had 800+ apps at his 1,300-person company. While that number has grown to 5,000+ employees, Ramakrishnan has worked hard to cut down the number of apps to just over 200 (with a goal of 150). One major area of improvement occurred with Legal, Finance, and Sales. Those teams were each using different document-management tools and personal logins, which created a ton of security vulnerabilities. Now they all use Box.

Collaboration made easy

Collaboration tools should make your teams’ lives easier, but it’s a lost cause if there are too many to choose from — all with different user experiences. Give your users a set of natively integrated collaboration tools and help them boost productivity on a single platform.

For instance, you can seamlessly collaborate in real time from any device with Box Notes. Concurrent editing and live annotations let everyone see the same Box Note and help you stay aligned. Create structured, text-based documents like procedure manuals, technical designs, and project plans — and drive product requirements, code reviews, and employee evaluations.

Plus, with our all-new collaboration tool Box Canvas, teams can collaborate the way they want — through chat, sticky notes, voting, and more. Real-time, virtual whiteboarding lets you build out ideas, plans, and processes together, no matter where teams are located. With infinite space and an intuitive toolset, it’s easy to work through all the moving parts of a process or plan. And with unlimited canvases included in every Box plan, getting started is a breeze.

Unlimited e-signatures at no added cost

The Content Cloud now brings you natively integrated e-signatures with Box Sign (included in all Business plans and above) to help your teams work smarter, not harder. That means no more content silos, security gaps, disconnected user experiences, or hidden fees. Just an easy way to close deals, approve SOWs, finalize offer letters, and keep work moving forward.

We’ve worked hard to extend the power of Box Sign to the apps you use most, and we’ve recently expanded our Sign partner ecosystem with Salesforce, UiPath, Appian, and more. With our Box Sign and Salesforce integration, for example, you can generate and send NDAs, contracts, and more directly from Salesforce. Plus, our open APIs enable you to connect Box Sign to your preferred third-party and custom applications.

Security and compliance built-in

Protecting your content doesn’t need to add complexity to your tech stack. With the Content Cloud, you get the very best in security, privacy, and compliance — and it's built right into our DNA. With Box, you can radically simplify your security strategy by ditching the bolt-on security tools and gaining a far more secure way for teams to work together.

Box Shield helps you reduce risk and protect your most valuable information without slowing down your business. Our advanced security capabilities help you prevent data leaks by classifying files and folders your way: manually or automatically. Shield can now identify PII and custom terms within files, and automatically classify them based on your policies. Plus, Shield empowers your security team with intelligent detection, using machine learning and a deep understanding of how people collaborate on Box to bring you timely, accurate alerts on insider threats, account compromise, and malware.

When it comes to data governance, don’t overcomplicate your approach — or add additional tools. Box Governance provides enhanced protection for sensitive content, enables defensible eDiscovery for litigation, and lets you automatically set up retention and disposition schedules for files in Box.

One secure platform for all your content

As you can see, there are tons of ways that complexity can creep into your business, and they often go undetected. The Content Cloud helps you combat that by consolidating the content tools you use every day. It’s a game changer at a time when too many apps can cause more problems than they solve.

Learn more about how Box can help your organization simplify your tech stack — all while saving you money.