BoxWorks '22: Highlights and takeaways for State & Local Government

State & Local Government

2022 has been a year of accelerated digital transformation for government agencies. Rapid gains made as crisis response during the pandemic are now being shaped into go forward digital strategies, with technology choices being filtered through enterprise architecture and security lenses. The move to a sustainable and permanent digital ecosystem is built on the cloud with SaaS software providing critical capabilities to transform government services. The next two years will see an acceleration in these trends and more government services will rely on cloud platforms, according to this survey over 50% of responding government CIOs will focus on migrating applications to the cloud.

BoxWorks’22 highlighted key trends transforming the way we work. The last couple of years accelerated the move toward a digital workplace, a transition that had slowly been building for years. Governments saw how working together virtually could offer better results, a more engaged workforce, and with the right tools, improved security. Content is at the heart of every business process - from tax administration, operations to health and human case management revolves around content - which means you need a way to get deeper insights on that content, connect teams as they work from anywhere, combat security risks, the list goes on. With all that in check, you can deliver the amazing, digital-first experiences your citizens and employees expect.

Modernize critical processes for better outcomes

Chris Tonjes, CIO, Office of the Attorney General (OAG), Washington DC was a featured speaker at BoxWorks’22. He shared his experience of transforming child support case management, “It was the oldest legacy system within the District government, forty years old and entirely paper-based.” In addition to being inefficient, these outdated processes created a host of risks:

  • The technology platform underlying the system was so out of date that only a handful of customers in the world still used it, and vendor support was going away
  • Many of the people supporting the system internally had been in their roles for decades and were also phasing out, via retirement
  • The old system wasn’t built to withstand modern-day cybersecurity risks

As Tonjes describes, “Using old technology left room for hackers to exploit weaknesses in the system. We're talking about the personally identifiable information of children and families.”

The entire child-support litigation process was moved to the Content Cloud, with a secure and compliant electronic document repository for all paperwork, and workflows accelerated by Box Relay. "We were able to do this because we didn’t have to write code,” Tonjes explains. “All we had to do was work with our business users to understand the process, iterate on design, and enable the technology Box supplied." Read more about DC OAG’s Box journey here.

10X Collaboration

Government agencies can use Box Sign within their Box content spaces and leverage Box Relay to reduce manual intervention in document centric workflows. This enables knowledge workers to focus on driving efficiency and outcomes as opposed to managing files and tracking approvals or tasks. To this end, many new features were added to improve collaboration:

  • Box Sign now supports multi-doc capabilities and allows signer attachments so that recipients can add supporting files
  • All-new Box Notes supports a broader range of content collaboration activities from document creation to lightweight project management
  • Content Insights provides real-time visibility into engagement, see how each piece of content is being used, who is using it, and when it is being accessed

Box Canvas is a new interactive whiteboard tool that enhances hybrid work by allowing real time collaboration and ideation. Key features include:

  • Box-native visual collaboration and whiteboarding
  • Infinite room to organize data and spread thoughts out visually
  • A shared space to connect out, together in real-time, with everyone engaged

Secure your content

New security features were announced to enhance the robust security and privacy controls embedded within the Box Content Cloud. The following security features and controls help your agency achieve Zero Trust security:

  • Group-based Device Trust policies that will enable admins to put into place security policies for a group of users versus an all-or-nothing scenario, beginning with Device Trust policies. Group-based Device Trust policies will give security teams more granular controls through customizable options.
  • A new API for user session management that will force user session termination and a re-login for users who may be potential threats because their security posture has changed. This will give IT, security, users, and Box admins more protection against suspicious user activity and is available today in private beta.
  • An additional multi-factor authentication (MFA) option through email that will assist end-users with logging in without having to rely on a mobile authenticator app or SMS text message. Email-based MFA will give users another option for securely logging in from anywhere.
  • Multi-factor authentication backup codes that will allow end-users to generate and download backup codes which they can use in lieu of an authenticator code or SMS. This will allow users who lose or don’t have access to their device to access their account without interruption.
  • Ethical Walls facilitates compliance around insider information management.
  • Video Watermarking helps expand our watermarking protection to new content.
  • Malware Deep Scan enhancements protect your content against ransomware attacks

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