Box’s Answer to Successful Hybrid Onboarding

Hybrid Onboarding

The day before our Box-wide company day off, “Fresh Air Friday” - of which we have 5 across the year, Alex and I dialed in over Zoom for our fireside chat - taking advantage of our hybrid, flexible working model at Box.

Sophie: A candidate has accepted their offer, what’s next for our new Boxer?
Alex: Firstly, congratulations! We are so excited to have a new Boxer on board! We have four key topics about what’s next:

Here to Help

Three to four weeks before a Boxer joins, I will reach out to them to kick-off their Box onboarding journey. For each EMEA Go-to-Market Boxer, I am the primary contact and want to ensure all Boxers have a welcoming, smooth, fun, and memorable journey. All of our new Boxers are encouraged to address any questions they have to me and I hope to really put them at ease as they embark on a new professional chapter.

The Process

The onboarding process is very streamlined here at Box. I walk new hires through all the actions they need to complete to be ready for day 1 via email - this includes completing all pre-hire checks, making sure Boxers have access to their laptop and equipment, and letting our Boxers know how to order all the important swag!

Get Connected

We also encourage new Boxers to connect with each other prior to starting; we set up a LinkedIn group for our new Boxers and a Slack group for each new hire cohort when they start.

Each Boxer is also given a new hire buddy when they join Box and we make sure that someone is there to welcome them to the office should they wish to visit on day 1!

Finally, I work with their managers to create a tailored onboarding plan and will share this with each Boxer prior so they start the job confident of the plan of action on their first day! I don’t want to spoil the surprise for what’s to come in a new Boxer’s schedule so will keep my lips sealed!

NEW In-Person Onboarding

Box has been conducting a remote onboarding process for several years now and we receive great feedback from our new hires on their experience. I was onboarded remotely, but I am now so excited to have the opportunity to host our new hires at the White Collar Factory in Old Street, London.

The New Hire Orientation programme is delivered in a hybrid model – live and on Zoom, with every person dialling-in to our virtual room to ensure that every Boxer is part of the experience.

Our in-office onboarding, however, allows Boxers to meet in-person with our tech support team and fellow Boxers. Pizzas are provided for lunch which can be enjoyed whilst taking in the breath-taking views over London in our open plan warehouse style space. I must add that Box does provide a generous daily allowance for daily catered lunches and we have plentiful snacks and a well equipped kitchen, including a smoothie maker!

Sophie: What advice would you give to a new Boxer?
Alex: Enjoy the experience! Relax, bring your true, authentic self to work. This is a really exciting chapter and experience and it’s what you make of it!

Sophie: What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to your first day?
Alex: I am 3 months into my role and the biggest advice I would give myself would be to really enjoy the new hire orientation as it consists of various training programs where you get to meet a whole host of Boxers from different departments!  Also, it took me time to get used to the different systems and platforms - I was onboarded remotely and had never used an Apple MacBook before. Although I was remote, I had the technical support team and my own team to help me get set up. This allowed me to really enjoy my first day at Box!

Sophie: What did you wish you knew about Box before starting?
Alex: We are a global team with such a variety of experiences and knowledge that Boxers can tap into. I feel confident to speak to anyone as Box has such an open-door approach, no matter your role and title. This helps me to be successful in my role and supports my career development. 

Sophie: What is the best thing about Box?
Alex: The people (no hesitation)

Sophie: What has surprised you about Box?
Alex: It’s definitely our excellent benefits! Specifically with maternity and paternity leave. I will leave a link to your readers below just to give you a flavour of what we offer!

You can learn more about our Box Benefits here.

Sophie: Any final thoughts from you Alex?
Alex: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak about the onboarding process. I very much look forward to meeting our Boxers during new hire orientation both in-person and remotely here in London!