Advancing Children’s Rights and Justice through Box Consulting for Good


The National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC) is an instrumental organization in advancing children’s and parents’ rights by providing legal representation and advocacy.  A resource and advocacy center, NACC was founded in 1977 and provides certifications and educational trainings on the pursuit for equitable justice for all. The organization also equips lawyers on how to best represent children and their families. Box has been a longstanding partner to the NACC, providing a complete content management system for internal and external collaboration, and a seamless, secure platform to share sensitive files and educational materials to its member network.

As a nonprofit, NACC uses Box to connect with thousands in their network. A few ways they utilize the Content Cloud include supporting their conference library, connecting with child law offices across the country and engaging their practitioners with educational materials.

To ensure that the NACC can take advantage of the full functionality of the Content Cloud, the organization embarked on a Box Consulting for Good project. The goal was to better understand how Box can further their mission, and to find answers to some of their biggest, content-centric challenges.

Box Consulting, Box’s in-house professional services organization, provides pro bono support to nonprofit organizations through the Box Consulting for Good program. In this program, nonprofits can leverage in-house expertise to advance their missions and scale their impact through the Box Content Cloud.

The four-month project brought Boxers together with NACC’s Executive Director and Director of Technology to improve how users get work done in Box. Key focuses included optimizing external sharing, improving security posture, expanding, and increasing user adoption. Saleacia Taylor, a member of Box Consulting who led the project, said:

"Working with NACC as part of Box Consulting for Good was truly one of the most rewarding consulting engagements I’ve had during my entire career as an implementation consultant. The work that NACC does to support, advocate and provide legal representation to our children is amazing. I believe I speak for the entire BC project team when I say helping them optimize their Box environment to improve their processes of delivering this great work was an honor."

The Box Consulting project was a valuable resource to the small nonprofit that was striving for a more secure content system, especially since they deal with highly sensitive data, such as child welfare case files, legal documentation and more. Following this project, NACC has a cleaner and more organized folder structure, making it easier to quickly and securely locate and collaborate on case files and carry out their Child Welfare attorney certification process.

“NACC has now improved the security of confidential and highly sensitive material as it relates to our team and our mission, as well as expedited productivity on shared docs through training on how to use simultaneous online editing.  Box helps NACC help attorneys serving children and families." – Kim Dvorchak, Executive Director

Outcomes of the Box Consulting project:

  • Redesigned folder structure for a smoother workflow
  • Improved security posture of confidential, sensitive files
  • Enabled the organization through advanced end user training & a formalized change management plan

The partnership has brought NACC to their next era and advanced their mission of supporting legal advocacy for children and families in all fifty states.

If you're working at a nonprofit and are curious to learn more about how Box can power your work, or about Box Consulting for Good, please contact us. We'd love to connect with you!